William D Wills

New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker

Before any offering is made on a house or property, I make sure that my client is well aware of the prices of comparable homes or pieces of land and encourage an indepth review of the house to remove any costly suprises later on.  The fact is that this is probably your biggest expenditure in your life and you want to look at it as not only as a purchase but an investment as well.  The average individual and/or family moves at least two to three times in their lives.

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I have thirty five years of commercial real estate experience along with six years of local residential.  I am a licensed New York State Broker who has an obligation to take continuing education in the real estate field.  I belong to the Greater Capital Area of Realtors, the New York State Realtors Association, and the National Association of Realtors.  I am affiliated with one of the prominent Real Estate Agencies in the area, Inglenook Realty Inc.

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